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Expert Services That Help Boost Yield

  • Crop Protection

    Crop Protection

    Take your pick from proven, top-quality products that protect your crops from weeds, disease, harmful insects, fungi, and other yield-reducing threats. We can develop the ideal mix of products for these crop challenges and more.

  • Bulk Tenders

    Bulk Tenders

    For higher planting efficiency, we offer the latest in bulk seed handlers.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    Need bulk seed delivered to your field? Use our high-performance seed tenders for efficient planting.

  • Seed Treatment

    Seed Treatment

    LumiGEN seed treatment technology is built and tested for the specific protection of Pioneer genetics. These products include unique recipes of insecticides and fungicides that use multiple modes of action to protect your crops from a wide range of threats. To give your seeds a strong start and maximize your investment returns, use LumiGEN seed treatment.

  • Crop Scouting

    Crop Scouting

    When it comes to learning what’s happening in your fields, there’s nothing better than firsthand experience. We take our knowledge of the area and its current crop pressure, enhance it with best practices and our years of experience, and provide you with efficient field scouting. Our insights can help you make informed crop treatment decisions throughout the growing season.

  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    Don’t worry about seed delivery. We’ll deliver your seeds when and where you want them, so you can focus on farming.

  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    Farming success doesn’t happen by luck. Planning is essential, so we develop highly detailed product placement plans to help you get the most out of every square foot of your fields.

  • Insurance


    Protect yourself with our sound advice and top-notch risk management products.

  • TruChoice® Financing

    TruChoice® Financing

    Save three ways with TruChoice® financing:

    • Save up to 3% on qualifying seed purchases

    • Prepay and save 5% or 10% on qualifying Corteva Agriscience crop protection purchases

    • Earn 2% Corteva cash on your Pioneer purchases

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